Saturday, 6 December 2014

What is loss?

With the recent crisis in the Middle East, it has got me thinking a lot about loss. I know that we all feel a sense of loss about different things. Whether it is someone disappearing from our lives through death or disappearance. Loss can impact us in so many different ways.

For me my own personal journey with loss is fairly normal. I personally have not lost any family extremly close to me. But I have lost people who I have cared for. Therefore I know how painful loss can be when a death impacts you when you least expect it. Losing someone you one day, was there and the next day you were gone. Whatever side you are on in your personal perspective or war someone will miss and experience loss by losing their loved ones. That's why family is so important, whether it is through your actual family, or adopted family even people who become like family. It helps and ties us as people through hard times.

Loss in its self is not always negative, it can help us change for the better. Whether a loved one is gone or we have lost something personal such as a dreaming falling apart. It will always get better. When you are in the deepest darkest of places, there will always be someone there for you. For me my faith in God helps me get through. For you it could be the next person you meet. Don't be afraid to share your hurt and grieve for who or whatever it is you have lost. It makes you stronger in the end.

I hope this encourages whoever reads this to know that you are not lost but you are found. Wherever you are....


Monday, 10 November 2014

What is this blog even about?

Have you ever compared yourself to a book character or felt inspired by a book or film, even the people around you? So much so that you want to change your entire life? This blog is that for me, it will be my book, I will write it's chapters. It will be a part of me on the internet. For me the meaning of a Coral Sunset or any sunset is a fresh start. The act of the sun rising is one of the most spectacular in the world it suggests that there is a time for fresh beginnings. Whereas a sunset which is this blog is named after is the sunsetting with hope for a brand-new day.
People say be the change that you seen in the world. So if you are reading this welcome to my my fresh start , for me this blog will be my change, if by reading this blog it makes a change to your life then great. If not thanks for even being bothered to read and look at my tiny part of the world (or internet) and have a nice day! :) 

New Desk Tour

Hi guys welcome back to my blog. I am sorry that I have not posted for a while, my life has been so busy. Anyway on to the post.

Recently, have got fed up with the size of my desk and the space that I have on the top is limited. As part of my Spring Clean and sort I thought I would show you my progress with my desk. So I decided to get a bigger desk with a bigger surface area to spread myself out more. As a uni student I often find myself spreading my notes and books everywhere so below is a picture of my old desk: 

 Malibu desk from Argos £49.99 (sorry not the best quality as it a copied version of the original)

Now below is a picture of my lovely new desk that I got of gumtree for £40. It has a glass top so will not scratch my as easily. 

New Desk: The desk is an old version of the Ikea Micke desk if anyone is interested.

 Under my desk is a small bedside table that I bought from Argos, it was £24.99. As the desk did not come with draws I felt it needed some. These are really useful for storing notebooks, paper and files. As the desk is so big, at the back I have also stored my sewing machine, laptop cases and past uni work in a box.For the new desk my first thought how to organise the surface area. So using some old  Christmas card boxes I have made containers to hold my spare stationary. In the left hand corner is my mini bureau which holds all my pens, pencils and small stationery.  To make the Christmas card box look better all I did was to cover the outside with wrapping paper and then tape it on. It's a very easy DIY.


I also have a few more containers along my desk holding stationery, as well as my favourite dog notelets holder he is so cute, here is a picture:

Cute dog Notelet holder (Was a gift)

Last but not least is my lovely desk chair from Ikea. It cost £72 but was well worth the cost as it is both comfy and gorgeous.

Ikea Gregor Office Chair

All in all my new desk organisation has really helped improve my life, as I can do my work so much easier, with more space and storage. 

Hope this helped to give you guys inspiration on decluttering your office space

All the Best 


Sunday, 15 June 2014

Update on Posts!

Hi guys, I have edited this post just to say that more posts will be up this month November (14). I have been extremly busy over the last several months and I apologise for this. So expect more posts to come.


Sunday, 13 April 2014

Blog Schedule

The last few months have been extremely busy for me with University coursework. So I have decided to tell that I will update the blog and the very least every once a month. I  have lots of ideas for posts so they will be kept coming over the next few months. I will still be very busy with university coursework over the next month or so there may be less posts for a while.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Update: Spring Clean and Organizational Tips

Have you ever had enough of your own untidiness? I have, I've decided to start a new series on my blog called 'Spring Clean'. I will be posting my favorite organizational tips from my bedroom and showing you my organizational progress. Hopefully this will be a part of my fresh start! However I don't know how tidy I will actually keep my space!

Sunday, 9 February 2014

What is happiness?

Living in the western world, it can be hard to understand the meaning of happiness. Everyday we all strive to achieve happiness. But why do we do this and what exactly is happiness?

For some happiness is the perfect state we achieve when there is nothing wrong in the world. In many Hollywood movies the main character is someone who wants to be happy. Happiness can be many things to many different people. Depending on who you are it will play a different role in life, like anything it can be a person's dream to be happy. This can be perceived to fill a void that is present in our lives . Often people use drinks, drugs or self harm to fill this gap but people often use happiness as well. Happiness is often temporary, all emotions come and go , I think that this is the key to happiness knowing to accept it when it, comes and goes. But also to try and enjoy every moment we have.

I know for me that happiness is often temporary so it is hard to keep in our lives. By us constantly trying to acheive happiness we (in my opinion) are setting our selves up to fail. In live we are going to be sad, happy , angry, desperate and so much more. If we don't accept these parts of us, then we can never be at peace with ourselves.

So to finish, in a culture where achieving happiness is our goal , is it really nescessary to worry about? The more for me I focus on  trying to acheive perfect happiness the more I fail. Happiness then becomes the focus so I know for me that everything else doesn't matter. I am writing this as a 20 year old who is still on this journey and learning all this for herself.