Thursday, 5 December 2013

November Favourties

So I thought my first (proper) post would be with my monthly favorites. This month I have had a several of favorites.

Clean & Clear Morning Energy Shine Control Daily facial scrub: 

I don't use this facial scrub every day, at most a few times a week. As I find it to much to remember every morning otherwise. I have found I only need to use it about once a week as a lot of it goes a long way and the exploitation is just enough for me. it works really well at cleaning out my pores and getting rid of black heads. So if you want to get rid of them this is great.

Kleenex Facial Cloths:
I love these. They are great for removing make up (on the odd occasion I wear it). Applying to your face to use with any cleanser. They even remove nail polish. It is not normally something that I would buy but I found them in the 99p shop (a steal). They are really worth buying , as they even can clean your face by just adding water. This really worked for me and I would say that this is my absolute favourite of the last month.

BabyLips Hydrate:
I love this lipbalm it has been a constant favourite over the last month, I use this all the time, it is so great for those winter chapped lips. It completely does what it says in the name. My lips are so much smoother and it smells great to. Bonus!

Markwins International Pink Lipstick: 
I think this lipstick is from their Colour Institute range, it was in a gift set I was given so I am not really sure.  This colour is amazing as it easy to apply and is slightly darker than my normal lip colour, so it makes them look flawless. The only problem is that it constantly needs reapplying every few hours.

Rival de Loop Berlin Natural Touch Concealer:  
I bought this concealer when I was on holiday in Germany a few years ago, and I have only just started to use it recently. This concealer is great at hiding blemishes and spots. The only problem is that it doesn't appear to be long lasting on my skin. It's either that my skin is simply too oily or it just doesn't last well. I don't know by it the coverage is great and when I wear it doesn't feel like I have any make up on. So I really recommend it to try and see if it works with your own skin tone.

Rose Scented Candle (I can't remember who made it ): 
This candle is great. It smells so strong that I do not need to light it. So my room smells fresh and nice. The great thing is that it is not to overpowering it smells just right. I love candles like this.