Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Wishing for tomorrow?

This is a more personal post,  I  will soon be putting up my first 5 books in the 100 book reading challenge. I have been bouncing between books trying to read as many as possible but only getting half way through. Finally, I have managed to finish some of them and I will be sharing them with you. This has also affected the way I feel in my personal life, I have had so many options that it has been hard to focus on what is true.

For awhile having too many options had left me feeling terribly overwhelmed, but in the last few days I have been given a new perspective. Perspective is a wonderful thing, it allows you to look back or look at a situation in a new way. Instead of being overwhelmed by the possibilities, I am now feeling free to start again. Finishing university, getting a better grade than expected on my degree, as well as watching my friends take on new but surprising opportunities is amazing. Just as equally, as it is scary, life is full of random but interesting moments that can make tomorrow a million miles away. Instead of wishing for tomorrow and wondering what will happen next; I am going to try and make it happen. Wishing for tomorrow, can be a fun and healthy thing that gives us a chance to dream. Dreaming allows us to imagine and can fuel us to do incredible things, but sometimes we can get stuck in it. By wishing for the things we don't have or wish to have we forget what we have now.

With the pressure of deciding what's next it is difficult to not do this, but I don't want to fill my life with options or possibilities but truth. Possibilities are not solid in their nature, they are incredibly fragile and by wishing for tomorrow in some ways I am doing this. This is not me trying to get you to stop dreaming but to be realistic about your options and take risks if you get to comfortable. Having too many options can hinder you and be the problem rather than the solution. I have recently discovered that waiting can be the hardest part of this. During this time, I have found that for me writing, has been a form of self expression, helping me to make sense of this and I hope that this blog can help express that feeling.