Saturday, 6 December 2014

What is loss?

With the recent crisis in the Middle East, it has got me thinking a lot about loss. I know that we all feel a sense of loss about different things. Whether it is someone disappearing from our lives through death or disappearance. Loss can impact us in so many different ways.

For me my own personal journey with loss is fairly normal. I personally have not lost any family extremly close to me. But I have lost people who I have cared for. Therefore I know how painful loss can be when a death impacts you when you least expect it. Losing someone you one day, was there and the next day you were gone. Whatever side you are on in your personal perspective or war someone will miss and experience loss by losing their loved ones. That's why family is so important, whether it is through your actual family, or adopted family even people who become like family. It helps and ties us as people through hard times.

Loss in its self is not always negative, it can help us change for the better. Whether a loved one is gone or we have lost something personal such as a dreaming falling apart. It will always get better. When you are in the deepest darkest of places, there will always be someone there for you. For me my faith in God helps me get through. For you it could be the next person you meet. Don't be afraid to share your hurt and grieve for who or whatever it is you have lost. It makes you stronger in the end.

I hope this encourages whoever reads this to know that you are not lost but you are found. Wherever you are....