Thursday, 10 December 2015

Christmas Blues

Over the Christmas period it can be hard to find the wood from the trees. We can get so overwhelmed with trying to capture the joy of Christmas, into one day forgetting the true meaning of Christmas. With all the stress that it brings, Christmas is about family; whether you believe in God or not and the story behind it. Christmas should be a time of love and care.

For some of us Christmas can be even harder, like the January blues, people can often find Christmas stressful for the same reasons.  Whether you have a form of anxiety or suffer from loneliness or a mental illness it can be hard. I know this from experience, I wanted to write this piece to encourage anyone who is suffering this Christmas to talk to someone about it. For me talking about my problems can be hard, because I felt that there was no one willing to listen. But you will find that there is amazing amount of people who would be willing to share and listen to you.

I have often been my own worst enemy, stopping myself from doing something or finding a way to express myself. Don't ever restrict yourself, for you are amazing!! This Christmas please find someone who you can share with, and if you have no one to share with I have enclosed a few links at the bottom.

Give your self the best Christmas present possible by not being afraid.


List of Links:
The Samaritians