Sunday, 9 February 2014

What is happiness?

Living in the western world, it can be hard to understand the meaning of happiness. Everyday we all strive to achieve happiness. But why do we do this and what exactly is happiness?

For some happiness is the perfect state we achieve when there is nothing wrong in the world. In many Hollywood movies the main character is someone who wants to be happy. Happiness can be many things to many different people. Depending on who you are it will play a different role in life, like anything it can be a person's dream to be happy. This can be perceived to fill a void that is present in our lives . Often people use drinks, drugs or self harm to fill this gap but people often use happiness as well. Happiness is often temporary, all emotions come and go , I think that this is the key to happiness knowing to accept it when it, comes and goes. But also to try and enjoy every moment we have.

I know for me that happiness is often temporary so it is hard to keep in our lives. By us constantly trying to acheive happiness we (in my opinion) are setting our selves up to fail. In live we are going to be sad, happy , angry, desperate and so much more. If we don't accept these parts of us, then we can never be at peace with ourselves.

So to finish, in a culture where achieving happiness is our goal , is it really nescessary to worry about? The more for me I focus on  trying to acheive perfect happiness the more I fail. Happiness then becomes the focus so I know for me that everything else doesn't matter. I am writing this as a 20 year old who is still on this journey and learning all this for herself.