Saturday, 25 April 2015

What do we really need to make us happy?

I suppose in life in the 21st century it can seem to be so easy to know what we want. In a century where we have so much choice, technology, and freedoms. It can seem easy to be overwhelmed by the this choice, where do we go to university, how do we communicate with one another? Is it important too....

So many questions in a such a small space and time. In a way we can lose a sense of who we are and be overwhelmed by the amount of decisions we have to make in a daily basis. Some decisions are instinct, like to eat when we are hungry or to cry when we are in pain. Other decisions can take a lifetime to make. We can be so overwhelmed that we have no idea which way to go. This always for me seems to come to the question: What do we really need to make us happy?

I could answer this question in so many ways, and I know for some of us it is our families. Who take precedence over every one else. For others it is material things, or just simple events of everyday life. Happiness can be defined in so many ways that it means millions of different things to lots of different people. I asked in an earlier post What is happiness? At that time I was trying to seek answers for myself.

Normally I plan the posts I write however today at quarter to 12 at night I just decided to write this. For me this question has no answer, and I feel like this blog is turning into something bigger for me. A place to discuss the thing and issues that I don't always have the answers to. This question has been eating at me for a while, in three weeks I finally graduate and have to begin my new life. Its scary for me, but  it has made me think about this question. As I have had my head stuck in books writing essays, it has been burning in my mind.

For me time never seems to stand still and the only way I can see to answer this question is to think about the things I love. In some ways this makes it easier, I know I love my family, friends and the feeling of the breeze through my hair and watching a coral sunset (hence the name of the blog). Sometimes it can be so hard to answer. In 21st century Britain we are kept so busy it is hard to remember what is is important to us. Decisions can be the hardest and cruelest things in our lives but there is no need to be afraid. It is just important to remember the question: What do we really need to make us happy?

Please share what it is that makes you happy, I would love to know!!

Sarah x