Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Memo Notice Board Organisation

Recently, I have decided to start to organise my life better. I already try to make daily to do lists but I thought it would be more fun to organise all areas of my life. With it being my last ever term at university and my last year, it comes to time to organise and write my dissertation. Which means my schedule just got ten times busier with university, work, life and visiting as many archives as possible for study. Not to mention all the essays and projects I have before I finish. If you are a student, or have been one then you'll understand. Below I have written my first step by step process for organising my time, my new Memo Board system.

Memo Notice Board-handmade by ShabyChic on eBay £16.99

 Step 1:
I decided to purchase a Memo Board and found this great one on eBay that was handmade so that I could put all my important information in one place. This way I know where all my important information is. (Picture is a blurry)

Step 2:
Getting the Memo Board made me realise that I needed some printables to help me organise. Including daily, weekly schedules, as well as yearly calenders and weekly to do lists. I have pinned some of my favourites on pinterest which you can find on my organisation board here

Step 3:
I am  using my favourite printables : the calenders and to do lists to write my new schedule. Planning is so much fun. All I have to do is put up the Memo Board and I will be done!

I hope you enjoyed the post and maybe if you want to you can comment below on your favourite ways to organise. And if you have any ideas about future posts !!

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