Wednesday, 3 June 2015

A shift in the blog??

For the next few months, posts on Coral Sunst will be a bit more varied. I want to bring in new posts ideas which will focus on:

  • More creative and organisation posts- fun things that I will be making using my trusty showing machine, that you can make too.
  • My 100 book challenge- I have decided to read a 100 books, which I will list on the blog and review. This challenge will run from June 1st 2015 until December 31st 2015. I will add new page to the blog, so you can see my progress at every point and join in if you want.
  • TBR- if you are wondering what a TBR post is, then I shall enlighten you. TBR means the books to be read, all books in my TBR will be from my reading challenge. So it will force me to read the books, (I am being me to myself)
  • Expect more lifestyle question posts to continue, because I love to talk about the great questions in life

Well that's all for now