Friday, 1 January 2016

New Year: New You????

Dear Sarah of 2016,
I am sitting here writing this post at 11.15pm on New Years Eve 2015. It is a time when realistically most people will be with their friends or family wanting to bring the new year with a set idea of what they want to achieve. I suppose I am also part of this, like you I have 50,000 things that I want to achieve and narrowing them down to a small amount is completely unlikely. Some people will tell you that New Year's resolutions don't work and others will tell you that they do. But for most people they might last the few months and then break them. I know that I am overly rubbish at this, I try so hard to achieve things, but the reality is that I am gonna fail at least half of these things.

It's ok to fail, and I know that. This post is more for myself to look back and know whatever I do if I fail ultimately who cares? It is so easy to fail and live by other people's standards and even easier to disappoint your self. This past year I have discovered my love to write, like most writers I am impulsive.  Always finding another distraction and this is why I suck at sticking to things. I will start a project or have a dream that might last a few months. Every year I make a list of the things I want to achieve and I try to keep them. My problem is that alot of things won't be achieved by the end of the year. And it's not because I don't care about them. It's because everything on my list is either simply unachievable or I just don't get round to it.

I have wanted this blog to be so many things but it never seems to fit them. Rather Coral Sunset is turning into a place where I seem to share what is on my mind and be done with it. For me this seems to fit my personality to a tee. I always write what I feel on here and so this year for the blog I am going to just see what happens, and see where that takes me. That way whatever happens I am not failing, but I have also realised it doesn't matter whether I fail or achieve because whatever happens I will eventually get there. This is not me giving myself a lecture or you about resolutions or even failure, I suppose this is just me accepting myself and seeing what happens. Let life take place and see what curveballs it throws at us!

So Happy 2016!!

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